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Champion Burr Oak Tree

Champion Burr Oak Tree near McBaine, Mo.
The Missouri state champion burr oak tree stands in a field near McBaine. More

Check Your Brood Habitat Now

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Imagine if you were half the size of your thumb and had to catch insects the first 14 days of your life to survive. For the millions of newly hatched Missouri quail chicks this is a reality. More

Child Photographs Flower

Little girl photographs daisy.
Robyn Gibbs took this picture of her two-year-old daughter, Ravyn, photographing flowers in Foristell, Missouri. "She loves being outdoors camping, rock hunting, and especially hiking," said Gibbs. She said her family loves outdoor adventures and exploring Missouri's natural beauty. "I love taking pictures," said Gibbs, "and I was astonished to see her interest in photography at such a young age." More

Children Plant a Tree

Children plant a tree.
Get more information on backyard tree care, including proper tree selection and planting tips, at More

Chill Out

The author's brother prepares to cast a fishing lure into a pool of clear water.
Nothing beats wade-fishing as a way to beat the summer heat while enjoying time outdoors. More