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Bradford Farm Field Day Highlights Quail Management

On June 18, 2009, from 3 to 8 p.m. the Bradford Research and Extension Center east of Columbia, Mo., will host a Bobwhite Quail/Native Plant Field Day. More
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Branch Flagging

Branch flagging on chinquapin oak
Branch flagging on chinquapin oak. More

Branch Flagging Slide Show

Photo of tree-branch flagging
This tree displays branch flagging, which can have many causes. In this case, female periodical cicadas cut the tree's twigs with their ovipositors in the process of laying their eggs. The small cuts weakened the twigs, which turned brown, then broke during strong winds. More

Broad-Banded Water Snake

Photo of biologist holding a broad-banded watersnake
People often mistaken nonvenomous broad-banded water snakes for western cottonmouths. In the marsh, these harmless snakes typically eat fish and frogs. More

Broad-Headed Skink

Photo of Broad-headed skink on ground among leaves
This large, harmless, smooth-scaled lizard lives along the edge of forests and woodlots. It often makes its home in a large dead tree, sometimes using abandoned woodpecker holes or other cavities. More

Brood Habitat: Where the Bugs Are

Weedy brood habitat is best for bugs and bobwhites. More
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Bushytails and bronzebacks are legal May 25

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An angler in a bright red kayak holds aloft a fat, 2-pound smallmouth bass.
Squirrels and smallmouth bass make Missouri a great place to hunt and fish. More

Button Buck

A White-tailed deer button buck
A white-tailed deer button buck. More

Camping in Black Bear Country

To have a safe, enjoyable camping or outdoor experience in Missouri's bear country, follow the Ten Commandments of Camping. More