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Boreal Chorus Frog

Boreal Chorus Frog
Boreal chorus frog on pond's edge. More

Born to be Wild

See Missouri mammals up close and born to be wild! More

Bowfin Factoid

Image of a bowfin
After the fun of field work follows the drudgery of data entry. It is the necessary evil of collecting and utilizing information. However, this is all part of the scientific process and can lead to further understanding of the ecology of critters. Over the last few weeks I came across some Duck Creek history and a couple cool nuggets of knowledge from previous research that I thought I'd pass on. More

Box Elder

Image of a box elder tree
Commonly mistaken for poison ivy vine, the box elder is a tree with three to seven divided leaves, and the leaflets are pinnate like a feather. Leaves are also opposite (not alternate) on a stem. More

Boy Flies Kite

Young Boy flies kite
Vallorie Francis took this photo of her son, Trusten, flying a kite on their farm in Edgerton, MO. Francis said this was the first kite for Trusten, who is the second youngest of Francis' seven children. "He was so excited on that windy day to fly his first kite, because his younger brother was taking a namp and his older siblings weren't home from school, yet," said Francis. "That meant he had it all to himself for a couple of hours." Francis said Trusten has always been an outdoor boy. "He can usually be found outside, in a mud puddle or a dirt pile," Said Francis. "As a family, we go mushroom hunting in the spring, bike riding, fishing and keep big gardens." More

Boy Uses Underwater Viewer

A young boy uses a homemade underwater viewer-made out of a coffee can, some tape and plastic wrap-to view fish and other underwater creatures in a creek. More