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Image of a white crappie

Crappie by the Numbers

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Fishing skill + technical savvy = fishing and eating enjoyment.

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Crayfish Recipes

The "freshwater lobsters" of Missouri streams have as much flavor and nutrition as their sea-going cousins.

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Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth

Disking Next to Cover

To produce lots of free quail food next year, disk next to cover when the leaves begin to change.

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Video of a dogwood tree.

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flowering dogwood tree

Dogwoods, redbuds could bloom early this year

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Accelerated tree blooming could reduce the length of spring allergy season.

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Photo of firewood

Don't Import Firewood

Firewood looks harmless, but it can harbor the emerald ash borer, a devastating forest pest. Campers and hunters are urged not to move firewood to and from their campsites.

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Drought and Deer Disease

The coincidence of this blog and what I found on a walk along a creek where we live is quite bizarre.

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Photo of tree damage at Duck Creek CA

Duck Creek CA Tree Damage

During the last week of April 2011, strong winds damaged trees along our roads. However, damage to trees within the pools doesn’t appear to be extensive.

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