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Bear awareness extra important in springtime

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A seasonal uptick in black-bear reports emphasizes the importance of precautionary measures.

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Video of a beaver in the wild

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Chanterelle Mushroom

Better Mushroom Photos

Taking good photos can help you work out a mushroom's identity later on. Browse tips for taking better mushroom photos in the field.

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Beware of hungry bears

Bears are better off living on what nature provides.

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Blackberry Cobbler, Bobwhites and Fire

Blackberries are in full bloom in mid-Missouri, and my mouth is watering for some blackberry cobbler!

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Photo of bloodroot plant with flower


Bloodroot’s pure white petals are even more remarkable given the plant’s bright red sap. This feature, plus the unique leaf shape, make this early spring wildflower easy to identify.

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Photo of a bloodroot flower, closeup of center showing yellow stamens

Bloodroot (Flower)

Bloodroot blooms March–April. The flowers open before or just as the leaves start to unfurl. The flowers have 8–16 white petals of uneven size and length, and many yellow stamens. The flower is about 1¼ inch across. Because the petals are of uneven length, one often finds “square” flowers. Each flower lasts only one or two days.

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