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Boy Dove Hunts With Over-Ear Protection

Young boy dove hunting with over-ear protection
A boy dove hunts while using over-ear protection. More

Boy With Harvested Dove

Young boy with harvested dove.
A young boy holds a dove he shot while dove hunting. More

Braggarts Welcome

JT Barkley with his first buck
At Twin Pines, we’re trying to recreate the atmosphere and camaraderie of hunters at the check-in stations that were once so common in November. More

Brief Update on Units A and B: September, 2012

It has been a couple weeks since our last post and I wanted to give you an update on where we stand with the work in Units A and B. More

Broad-Headed Skink

Photo of Broad-headed skink on ground among leaves
This large, harmless, smooth-scaled lizard lives along the edge of forests and woodlots. It often makes its home in a large dead tree, sometimes using abandoned woodpecker holes or other cavities. More

Brown Trout-3

photo of a fisherman releasing a brown trout underwater
A photo of a fisherman releasing a brown trout underwater. More

Burn warm-season grass stands to benefit native wildflowers and quail-brooding cover

Now is a great time to prepare for next year’s summer beauty as well as next year's brooding cover for upland birds. More