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Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Reservation

Hunters with physical limitations can reserve a disabled-accessible blind on selected areas. Browse requirements and reservation procedures for both waterfowl reservations and Quick Draw. More

Disking Next to Cover

Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth
To produce lots of free quail food next year, disk next to cover when the leaves begin to change. More

Ditch Work

Left image shows ditch with trees; right image shows shallow ditch in field
Before November 2011, we filled in a one-mile section of ditch that bisected Units A and B and allowed water to bypass the area. Now the ditch matches the surrounding elevations so that shallowly flooded ground in Units A and B can be better used. More

Diverse factors reduce November deer harvest

deer hunting
Of all the factors in play, weather probably was least important. More

Don't Import Firewood

Photo of firewood
Firewood looks harmless, but it can harbor the emerald ash borer, a devastating forest pest. Campers and hunters are urged not to move firewood to and from their campsites. More

Don’t Let These “Apples” Fool You

Several bright-green Osage orange fruits in a wire basket
Every fall local stores tout these big, green, gnarly-skinned fruits as "natural insect repellent." But do they really keep the bugs away? I did a little research on hedge apple lore. More

Double Dove Opener Is Twice the Fun

dove in hand with banded leg
Two openings, two banded birds, lots of hot fun. More
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Dove Band

dove in hand with banded leg
This close-up photo shows an aluminum band with embossed numbers on the leg of a dove. More