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Ellipsaria lineolata
The butterfly is one of the most beautiful of Missouri’s mussels.

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Photo of a swamp dwarf crayfish.

Cajun Dwarf Crayfish and Swamp Dwarf Crayfish

Cambarellus puer and C. shufeldtii
Our two species of dwarf crayfish are both reddish brown to gray, with a paired series of dark, wavy stripes or dashes along the dorsal surface. In Missouri, both are found in the lowlands of the southeast or the Mississippi River floodplain.

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Camping in Black Bear Country

To have a safe, enjoyable camping or outdoor experience in Missouri's bear country, follow the Ten Commandments of Camping.

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Campout to connect with Missouri’s big rivers

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Have a great family camping weekend at the Second Annual Discover Nature: Families Confluence Campout at Columbia Bottom.

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Photo of Carolina larkspur plants with flowers

Carolina Larkspur (Prairie Larkspur)

Delphinium carolinianum
Small blue, lavender, or white flowers shaped like cornucopias dance along the tall stems of this Carolina larkspur, which grows in prairies and grasslands.

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Catching Big River Blues

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Big game fishing on the Mississippi and Missouri – St. Louis style.

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Celebrate Halloween naturally with Family Fun Night and hayride at Columbia Bottom

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Family Fun Night and Hayride on Oct.14 from 6-9:30 p.m. offers an ideal way to celebrate the season in a family friendly, nature-oriented way.

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Photo of a celestial lily, or prairie pleatleaf iris, in bloom.

Celestial Lily (Prairie Iris; Prairie Pleatleaf; Prairie Celestial)

Nemastylis geminiflora
Celestial lily, in the iris family, blooms only in the morning. Its showy, lavender-blue flowers shine like six-pointed stars on glades and prairies in southern Missouri and the eastern Ozarks.

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