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Blackspotted Topminnow

Image of a blackspotted topminnow
Fundulus olivaceus
This sleek, swift little fish lives in the quiet, clear sections of rivers mostly south of the Missouri River. Topminnows have a habit of skimming along just beneath the surface of the water. More

Blackstripe Topminnow

Image of a blackstripe topminnow
Fundulus notatus
A slender, elongated shape makes for a sleek, swift fish. Topminnows have a habit of skimming along just beneath the surface of the water. More

Bleeding Shiner

bleeding shiner
Luxilus zonatus
Like several other shiners found in clear Ozark streams, male bleeding shiners sport brilliant red during breeding season, especially May and early June. Check your identification by the presence of a dark, crescent bar behind the gill cover, and the dark stripe that abruptly narrows just behind the gill opening. More

Bluefer (Purpleshell)

Potamilus purpuratus
Like the pink heelsplitter and fragile and pink papershells, the bluefer uses freshwater drum as a host. More

Bootheel Consortium Fishing Clinic

Bootheel Consortium Fishing Clinic
MDC Forester Steve Smith and conservation agents bait hooks for hopeful anglers at the Missouri Bootheel Consortium Fishing Clinic Aug. 20, 2011. More


Image of a bowfin
Amia calva
The bowfin is the only living species remaining in its family. Its closest relatives appear as fossils that lived 180 million years ago. More

Bowfin Factoid

Image of a bowfin
After the fun of field work follows the drudgery of data entry. It is the necessary evil of collecting and utilizing information. However, this is all part of the scientific process and can lead to further understanding of the ecology of critters. Over the last few weeks I came across some Duck Creek history and a couple cool nuggets of knowledge from previous research that I thought I'd pass on. More


Young Man Bowfishing
Bowfishing is a specialized method of fishing that is very popular in southeast Missouri. More

Bowhunting 101 course offers expert tips without the cost

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Bowhunters of every skill level are invited to free Bowhunting 101 on Sept. 10 at Maintz Wildlife Area Archery Range from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. More