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Photo of dirt pan construction at Duck Creek CA.

August 2011 Progress Report: Units A and B Renovation

Conditions were extremely dry at the end of July when the dirt work began in Units A and B. It was great to get things moving forward. Over the last few weeks the isolated thunderstorms have knocked the dust back down and allowed for the soil to pick up some much needed moisture.

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Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center

Autumn colors inspire natural dye program at Cape Nature Center

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Two photos show before and after flooding near Kinder

Back on Track

You could say last month was a little slow in regards to renovation activities. However, with the water going down (see pictures) and a few other items moving forward, we’ve shifted gears and are moving forward full speed ahead.

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Immature Bald Eagles

Bald eagle shot near Williamsville

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Call Operation Game Thief at 1-800-392-1111 or local conservation agent with info.

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Band(ing) of Brothers: Hoodies and Woodies

Well, it is about that time. I’m sure you all are anxious to see what this year’s waterfowl season has in store. I know I am. As we await the opener, my mind wanders and I begin to think about the number of birds produced this summer… in the northern prairies, but also right here in own our backyard.

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Image of a banded scuplin

Banded Sculpin

Cottus carolinae
This rather strange-looking freshwater fish belongs to a family and an order whose members are mostly marine — and indeed, the banded sculpin looks quite a bit like its cousins, which sometimes end up in saltwater aquariums.

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Photo of deer on the side of the road

Be alert for deer

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Conservation Agent cautions motorists to be on the lookout for White-tailed deer.

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Beginning Trapper Workshop Planned at Duck Creek

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Two-day course for beginning trappers is scheduled for Oct. 16-17 at Duck Creek Conservation Area.

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Image of a belted crayfish

Belted Crayfish

Orconectes harrisoni
This medium-small, tan crayfish — found only in the Big River and its tributaries — has a distinctive pattern of alternating olive-green and reddish-brown bands on the abdominal segments.

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Image of a big creek crayfish

Big Creek Crayfish

Orconectes peruncus
This moderately small, brown crayfish has a very localized distribution centered in Big Creek and its tributaries, in the St. Francis River basin. It lacks bright colors, but blackish specks and blotches occur over the top surfaces of the body and pincers.

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