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Photo of Broad-headed skink on ground among leaves

Broad-Headed Skink

This large, harmless, smooth-scaled lizard lives along the edge of forests and woodlots. It often makes its home in a large dead tree, sometimes using abandoned woodpecker holes or other cavities.

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Lampsilis reeveiana
Includes three subspecies, Ozark (broken rays), Northern (Britt’s) and Arkansas (Reeve’s).

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Image of a brook silverside

Brook Silverside

Labidesthes sicculus
Also known as "needlenose," "stick minnow," and "skipjack," this little fish is very active in the daytime and on bright, moonlit nights.

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Ellipsaria lineolata
The butterfly is one of the most beautiful of Missouri’s mussels.

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Photo of butterfly pea plant with flowers

Butterfly Pea

Clitoria mariana
Butterfly pea is a low, shrubby, or twining perennial in the pea family, with showy, butterfly-like flowers. The leaves are compound with three leaflets. This species grows in the southern parts of Missouri, in acid soils.

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Butternut Seeds

Butternut Seeds

Butternut tree seeds can be gathered in buckets or trash bags and mailed to the George O. White State Forest Nursery in Licking.

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Image of a cajun dwarf crayfish

Cajun Dwarf Crayfish and Swamp Dwarf Crayfish

Cambarellus puer and C. shufeldtii
Our two species of dwarf crayfish are both reddish brown to gray, with a paired series of dark, wavy stripes or dashed lines along the dorsal surface. In Missouri, these species are found in the lowlands of the southeast or the Mississippi River floodplain.

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