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Image of a bullsnake
Pituophis catenifer sayi
Missouri's largest snake may hiss loudly and vibrate its tail when alarmed, but it is nonvenomous. This species is extremely valuable in controlling destructive rodents. More

Business leaders from Ozarks tour MDC elk habitat

Business leaders from Ozarks tour MDC elk habitat
Business leaders from throughout the Missouri Ozarks recently toured elk habitat within MDC's elk restoration zone. More

Business leaders reflect on economic, personal benefits of elk restoration

Business leaders from Ozarks tour MDC elk habitat
Tourism from Missouri elk restoration providing economic and quality-of-life benefits to Ozark communities. More

But I Don't Want It Under My House...

Opossum in snow
Missourians enjoy spending time outdoors watching wildlife, they just don’t want to share their homes with it! One-way doors may provide a humane solution to evicting animals from under your home. More

But I Don't Want It Under My Porch...

Black Bear at Birdfeeder
Wildlife can be fascinating to observe, but when nature gets a little too close, you have to think like a critter to solve the problem. More

But it is good for you...

the Bockman Family take advantage of a cool day to discover nature
Don’t let the tyrant winter keep you inside! Exercise your freedom to be happy and healthy on any number of local nature trails or conservation areas. More


Ellipsaria lineolata
The butterfly is one of the most beautiful of Missouri’s mussels. More

Butterfly Pea

Photo of butterfly pea plant with flowers
Clitoria mariana
Butterfly pea is a low, shrubby, or twining perennial in the pea family, with showy, butterfly-like flowers. The leaves are compound with three leaflets. This species grows in the southern parts of Missouri, in acid soils. More

Camping in Black Bear Country

To have a safe, enjoyable camping or outdoor experience in Missouri's bear country, follow the Ten Commandments of Camping. More

Carolina Larkspur (Prairie Larkspur)

Photo of Carolina larkspur plants with flowers
Delphinium carolinianum
Small blue, lavender, or white flowers shaped like cornucopias dance along the tall stems of this Carolina larkspur, which grows in prairies and grasslands. More