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Bleeding Shiner

bleeding shiner
Luxilus zonatus
Like several other shiners found in clear Ozark streams, male bleeding shiners sport brilliant red during breeding season, especially May and early June. Check your identification by the presence of a dark, crescent bar behind the gill cover, and the dark stripe that abruptly narrows just behind the gill opening. More

Blue Spring in Snow

Blue Spring in snow
Blue Spring in snow. More

Bluefer (Purpleshell)

Potamilus purpuratus
Like the pink heelsplitter and fragile and pink papershells, the bluefer uses freshwater drum as a host. More

Bobcat at Peck Ranch Conservation Area

Bobcat at Peck Ranch Conservation Area
Bobcat at Peck Ranch Conservation Area More

Bockman Family hiking on a cool day

the Bockman Family take advantage of a cool day to discover nature
Harper, Michelle and Skyler Bockman get outside and hike on a cool day.  Hiking is great for both physical and mental health.  More


Image of a bowfin
Amia calva
The bowfin is the only living species remaining in its family. Its closest relatives appear as fossils that lived 180 million years ago. More

Bowhunters of Missouri choose MDC's Henry as Agent of the Year

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Agent Henry with UBM Agent of Year Award

Braggarts Welcome

JT Barkley with his first buck
At Twin Pines, we’re trying to recreate the atmosphere and camaraderie of hunters at the check-in stations that were once so common in November. More