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Lake Paho Dock

Lake Paho Dock
Marty Thogmartin and granddaughter Johanna Goodin, both of Princeton, spent a spring evening getting their feet wet at the dock at Lake Paho Conservation Area. More

Lake Paho Fishing

Lake Paho Fishing
Lake Paho offers fishing opportunities from shore and from boats. There is also a fishing jetty and parking lot accessible for wheelchairs. Fishing from shore are Colin Cridlebaugh (left) of Princeton and his grandson Jarrett Crouse of Cainsville. More

Lake Paho offers quiet fishing and lunker largemouths

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Lake Paho Fishing

Large-Flowered Gaura (Butterfly Flower; Longflower Beeblossom)

Oenothera filiformis (formerly Gaura longiflora, G. biennis)
Large-flowered gaura is a tall plant whose white flowers turn pinkish as they age. Four petals point upward, then bend back, and 8 stamens droop downward. The flowers look something like small butterflies. More

Learn fascinating bug lore at Insect-O-Rama in St. Joseph

Painted lady butterfly

Least Weasel

Photo of least weasel
Mustela nivalis
This mouse-sized weasel is found only in Missouri’s northern counties, and abundance varies locally and seasonally, depending on fluctuating rodent numbers—their favorite food. More

Lined Snake

Image of a lined snake
Tropidoclonion lineatum
This small, secretive snake looks similar to a garter snake. It is mainly brown to grayish brown, with three lighter-colored stripes down the length of its body and a distinctive double row of half-moon-shaped markings along the belly. More

Loess Hills Prairies

Examining Plants at a Loess Hills Prairie
Loess hills prairies are scenic, serve wildlife, and often host wildflowers and grasses rare in Missouri. This prairie is at Brickyard Hill Conservation Area in Atchison County in northwest Missouri. More

Loess hills prairies offer wildflower rarities

Star School Prairie

Massasauga (Massasauga Rattlesnake; Eastern Massasauga)

Image of a massasauga
Sistrurus catenatus
This shy, reclusive, nonaggressive rattlesnake used to live in floodplain wetlands of the Mississippi, Missouri and Grand rivers, but as those wetlands have been drained and destroyed, the massasauga has disappeared with them. Now it is an endangered species. More