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Early fall colors tinge foliage in Kansas City and northwest Missouri

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Red maple leaves in fall color
Scarlet and purple are not bashful this autumn in the Kansas City region. A blush is already on many maple trees and ash trees. More

Effective wingshooting workshops offered for hunters in KC and St. Joe areas

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Free workshops will help migratory and upland bird hunters improve wingshooting skills, including use of non-toxic shells. More

Explore Lewis & Clark Day at MDC Discovery Center June 18

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Learn how the men lived on their journey from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean and back. More

Fall color along Pike’s Lake at Poosey Conservation Area

Fall color along Pike’s Lake at Poosey Conservation Area
Fall color along Pike’s Lake at Poosey Conservation Area More

Fall color and conservation driving tour on tap at MDC Poosey CA

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Photo of autumn color
Tours will offer a backwoods tour of foliage and educational stops along the route devoted to conservation. More

Fall Color Maple Leaves

Red maple leaves in fall color
Red maple leaves in fall color. More

False Map Turtle

Image of a false map turtle
Graptemys pseudogeographica pseudogeographica
The false map turtle is a medium-sized aquatic species with a low ridge along the center of the upper shell. A thick yellow line behind each eye forms a backward L shape. It occurs in large rivers and reservoirs in central, northeastern, northwestern, and southeastern Missouri. More

Felony conviction obtained in illegal wildlife spotlighting case

Report tips about poaching to Operation Game Thief at 1-800, 392-1111. More

Field day offered for managing loess hills timber and prairie

Examining Plants at a Loess Hills Prairie