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Celebrating bugs and turtles in St. Joe

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Image of a northern map turtle
Common creatures can possess uncommonly interesting traits, as two upcoming MDC programs will explore. More

Cheating charge filed against bass tourney entrant

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Warsaw man faces felony charge of attempt to steal by deceit for allegedly trying to weigh in fish at a bass tournament that he caught before the tournament began. More

Chinese Mystery Snail

Cipangopaludina chinensis malleata
The Chinese mystery snail is an invasive species quickly taking over urban waters throughout the state. These Asian snails are popular with aquarium hobbyists, and some people appreciate them as food. More

Colorful hills and hollows on display at 27th annual Poosey Conservation Area fall driving tour

Fall color along Pike’s Lake at Poosey Conservation Area
Autumn color and conservation traditions will be celebrated on Oct. 20 at annual fall driving tour. More

Common Shiner

Common Shiner
Luxilus cornutus
Princibally found in central and west-central Missouri in short, direct tributaries of the Missouri River, this minnow is very similar to the striped shiner, only it lacks dusty sprinkles of pigment on its chin and (except for breeding males) lacks dark lines on the upper part of its body. More

Common Snapping Turtle Snaps at Camera

Common Snapping Turtle snaps at camera.
Common snapping turtle snaps at camera. More

Dedication held for McGee Family Conservation Area

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sign unveiling for McGee Family Conservation Area
Kansas City businessman Thomas F. McGee Jr. bequeathed family farm in Clinton County to MDC for public natural area. More