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Autumn hunting seasons begin with doves

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Big cat in Northland is bobcat, not mountain lion

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A close look reveals to biologists that this wild feline is clearly a bobcat More

Big catfish roam in lightly fished streams

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flathead catfish
Anglers willing to do some paddling can enjoy a solitary experience and the chance to catch a trophy catfish. More

Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett, a longtime outdoor editor for the St. Joseph News-Press, is the latest inductee into the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame. Bennett, who died in 1999, championed conservation and the outdoors. The Missouri Conservation Commission established the Hall of Fame to honor individuals who during their lifetimes made significant contributions to conservation. More

Bob Brown CA 2014 Waterfowl Hunting Outlook

Wetland conditions in this Northwest Missouri area look pretty good this year. We have had ample rain and the crops in the pools look good. More

Bratten shoots buck during special managed hunt

Kevin Bratten bagged buck during special managed hunt
Kevin Bratten (left) of rural Platte City shot the biggest buck of his hunting career in November 2012 at Smithville Lake. Bratten participated in a special managed hunt at the lake for hunters with disabilities. Also admiring the buck is MDC Protection District Supervisor Scott Stephens. More


Image of a bullsnake
Pituophis catenifer sayi
Missouri's largest snake may hiss loudly and vibrate its tail when alarmed, but it is nonvenomous. This species is extremely valuable in controlling destructive rodents. More

Calico Crayfish

Image of a calico crayfish
Orconectes immunis
This rather plain, gray-green crayfish--usually only found in the northern half of the state--has a pale central zone along the middle of the carapace and abdomen. The pincers are orange-tipped, and in mature males are tinged with purple. More