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Kirksville Regional Office and Interpretive Center

The Northeast Regional Office is located just south of Kirksville on Highway 63. Aside from housing our administrative offices, this Energy Star Award-winning building also includes an interpretive center.

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Landowners invited to forest and wildlife workshop April 16

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Event will be held on Haag property on Hwy 94 between Portland and Bluffton.

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Large-Flowered Gaura (Butterfly Flower; Longflower Beeblossom)

Oenothera filiformis (formerly Gaura longiflora, G. biennis)
Large-flowered gaura is a tall plant whose white flowers turn pinkish as they age. Four petals point upward, then bend back, and 8 stamens droop downward. The flowers look something like small butterflies.

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Photo of leaf cup flower

Leaf Cup (Pale-Flowered Leaf Cup)

Polymnia canadensis
The name of this plant refers to the curious leafy appendages that wrap around the stem at the bases of the opposite leaves. A member of the daisy or sunflower family, leaf cup has about 8 white ray florets surrounding yellow disk florets.

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Photo of least weasel

Least Weasel

Mustela nivalis
This mouse-sized weasel is found only in Missouri’s northern counties, and abundance varies locally and seasonally, depending on fluctuating rodent numbers—their favorite food.

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Image of a lined snake

Lined Snake

Tropidoclonion lineatum
This small, secretive snake looks similar to a garter snake. It is mainly brown to grayish brown, with three lighter-colored stripes down the length of its body and a distinctive double row of half-moon-shaped markings along the belly.

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Mountain lion walking away from camara in snowy Linn County

Linn County Mountain Lion

On Feb. 15, a Linn County landowner contacted MDC  with two photos of a mountain lion taken by a trail camera on his property Dec. 29, 2010.

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Photo of a long-tailed salamander on a rotten log.

Long-Tailed Salamander

Eurycea longicauda longicauda
The long-tailed salamander and closely related dark-sided salamander are agile and can escape predators by using their tails for quick jumps. They live in the southern and eastern parts of Missouri.

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