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Image of a black crappie

Discover nature with MDC crappie clinic at Mark Twain Lake

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Have family fun while learning crappie fishing skills, followed by a day on the Lake.

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Discover nature with MDC mussel workshop in Monroe County

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June 15 workshop will cover importance of mussels, life history, connections, regulations and identification.

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Photo of bald eagle hunting over open water

Eagle Days Set to Take Flight

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Eagle Days is set to take flight in just a few short weeks!

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American Bald Eagle catching a fish

Eagles Days set at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

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Eagle Days at Squaw Creek Dec. 3 and 4 will feature nation’s symbol and thousands of waterfowl.

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Photo of early saxifrage plant with flower

Early Saxifrage (Virginia Saxifrage)

Micranthes virginiensis (also called Saxifraga virginiensis)
The name "saxifrage" means "rock-breaker." The meaning of the name helps you remember the habitat of early saxifrage—rock outcroppings, ledges, glades, and bluffs. In Missouri, it blooms February through June.

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Eastern musk turtle (stinkpot)

Eastern Musk Turtle (Stinkpot; Common Musk Turtle)

Sternotherus odoratus
The eastern musk turtle is one of the world’s smallest turtles. It has a dark, domed upper shell and reduced lower shell. It occurs along our Mississippi River counties and in the southern two-thirds of the state.

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Photograph of Ebonyshell freshwater mussel shell exterior view


Fusconaia ebena
At one time the most valuable shell to the commercial button industry, the ebonyshell is now classified as Endangered in Missouri and is a candidate for federal Endangered status.

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Alasmidonta marginata
The elktoe is one of many Missouri mussels with a declining population.

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Elmslie Memorial Conservation Area

Elmslie Conservation Area in Marion County consists of mostly forested lands. It contains diverse and unique timber communities, including upland and bottomland hardwood forests, and woodlands.

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