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Central Mudminnow

Color illustration of Central Mudminnow
Umbra limi
Mudminnows are a small family of only six species and are most closely related to the pikes. This is the only mudminnow that occurs in our state, and it is rare, occurring only in a few marshy locations near the Mississippi River. More

Common Shiner

Common Shiner
Luxilus cornutus
Princibally found in central and west-central Missouri in short, direct tributaries of the Missouri River, this minnow is very similar to the striped shiner, only it lacks dusty sprinkles of pigment on its chin and (except for breeding males) lacks dark lines on the upper part of its body. More

CWD Core Area Map

CWD Core Area Map
The olive-color box on this map shows the core area around where CWD has been found, and where MDC will be working with local landowners to reduce deer numbers. The core area is comprised of a 30-square-mile block along the northern part of the Linn- and Macon-county border and comprises about 2% of the counties’ total area. More

CWD remains confined to Linn-Macon-County Core Area

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Four new cases from targeted deer reduction brings total to 10 in Missouri free-ranging deer. More


Truncilla truncata
A common mussel in some areas, deertoe have decorative green markings. More

Discover nature at Atlanta Conservation Area open house

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Discover nature at family crappie clinic at Mark Twain Lake

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Image of a white crappie
Clinic is free, but pre-registration is required by May 2. More

Discover nature in Hannibal with MDC catfish camp

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flathead catfish
Free two-day catfish camp Aug. 25-26 is a great opportunity for families to enjoy the outdoors together. More