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Discover nature with MDC outdoor preparedness classes

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Girls drink from water bottle rather than creek while on hike.
Learn outdoor skills for hiking, hunting, camping and other times in nature. More

Discover nature with wildlife camera at Runge Nature Center

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Live-streaming video runs 24-hours a day, seven days a week. More

DNA shows hunter-shot canine from October to be wandering wolf

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Hunter-Shot Coyote is Wolf
USFWS confirms animal shot in Howard County last fall to be a gray wolf, not coyote. More

Dove trapping and banding workshop in Fayette

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dove in hand with banded leg

Downy Skullcap

Photo of downy skullcap flower clusters
Scutellaria incana
Showy clusters of blue-violet, two-lipped flowers adorn downy skullcap. This native mint is found mostly in the southern half of the state. More

Dried Mushrooms

This photo shows several jars containing different types of dried mushrooms.
This photo shows several jars containing different types of dried mushrooms. More

Dwarf Spiderwort (Wild Crocus)

Photo of dwarf spiderwort flower clusters
Tradescantia longipes
Dwarf spiderwort is a low-growing perennial with bright magenta, purple, or purplish-blue flowers with three petals arranged in a triangular pattern. It blooms in Ozark woodlands in April and May. More

Early Saxifrage (Virginia Saxifrage)

Photo of early saxifrage plant with flower
Micranthes virginiensis (also called Saxifraga virginiensis)
The name "saxifrage" means "rock-breaker." The meaning of the name helps you remember the habitat of early saxifrage—rock outcroppings, ledges, glades, and bluffs. In Missouri, it blooms February through June. More

Eastern Coachwhip

eastern coachwhip
Coluber flagellum flagellum
This large, slender, nonvenomous snake usually escapes in an explosive burst of speed. It is fast-moving and thrashes when captured, which led to the stubborn myth that this snake can whip a person to death. More