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Combleaf Yellow False Foxglove

Photo of combleaf yellow false foxglove showing flowers and leaves.
Aureolaria pectinata (formerly Gerardia pedicularia)
There are 3 species of Aureolaria in Missouri. Only combleaf yellow false foxglove is annual, has fernlike, delicately dissected leaves, and glandular hairs. It occurs in the Ozarks. More

Common Alder

Alnus serrulata
Alder is a good plant to know—its flowers and fruits are eaten by wildlife, its thick roots prevent erosion while enriching the soil, its bark has a long history of medical uses and the dried female catkins, which look like tiny pinecones, are useful in craft projects and in jewelry! More

Common Shiner

Common Shiner
Luxilus cornutus
Princibally found in central and west-central Missouri in short, direct tributaries of the Missouri River, this minnow is very similar to the striped shiner, only it lacks dusty sprinkles of pigment on its chin and (except for breeding males) lacks dark lines on the upper part of its body. More

Conservation Communicator of the Year

Joanie Straub, center, received the Conservation Communicator of the Year Award
Joanie Straub received the Communicator of the Year Award from Bass Pro Shops Columbia Store Manager David Smith, right, and Conservation Federation Executive Director Brandon Butler, left. More

Crystal Darter

Color illustration of Crystal Darter
Crystallaria asprella
This pale, very slender darter is Endangered in Missouri. Formerly known from many river drainages in the east-central and southeastern parts of our state, it apparently now lives only in the Gasconade and Black rivers. More


Truncilla truncata
A common mussel in some areas, deertoe have decorative green markings. More

Discover Archery Day in Columbia

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Photo of students at national archery in the schools tournament.
Archers of every skill level are invited to the second annual Discover Archery Day on Aug. 11 at American Legion Park. More