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Photo of Broad-headed skink on ground among leaves

Broad-Headed Skink

Plestiodon laticeps
This large, harmless, smooth-scaled lizard lives along the edge of forests and woodlots. It often makes its home in a large dead tree, sometimes using abandoned woodpecker holes or other cavities.

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Image of a brook silverside

Brook Silverside

Labidesthes sicculus
Also known as "needlenose," "stick minnow," and "skipjack," this little fish is very active in the daytime and on bright, moonlit nights.

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Image of a bullsnake


Pituophis catenifer sayi
Missouri's largest snake may hiss loudly and vibrate its tail when alarmed, but it is nonvenomous. This species is extremely valuable in controlling destructive rodents.

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Ellipsaria lineolata
The butterfly is one of the most beautiful of Missouri’s mussels.

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Photo of butterfly pea plant with flowers

Butterfly Pea

Clitoria mariana
Butterfly pea is a low, shrubby, or twining perennial in the pea family, with showy, butterfly-like flowers. The leaves are compound with three leaflets. This species grows in the southern parts of Missouri, in acid soils.

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Image of a calico crayfish

Calico Crayfish

Orconectes immunis
This rather plain, gray-green crayfish--usually only found in the northern half of the state--has a pale central zone along the middle of the carapace and abdomen. The pincers are orange-tipped, and in mature males are tinged with purple.

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Two girls with a dish in tinfoil they cooked over a campfire.

Campfire Cooking Girls

Two girls with a dish in tinfoil they cooked over a campfire.

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Photo of Carolina larkspur plants with flowers

Carolina Larkspur (Prairie Larkspur)

Delphinium carolinianum
Small blue, lavender, or white flowers shaped like cornucopias dance along the tall stems of this Carolina larkspur, which grows in prairies and grasslands.

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Photo of a cedar waxwing foraging for food.

Cedar Waxwing

A cedar waxwing spends evenings foraging for food during a snowstorm in Jefferson City, Mo.

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Photo of a celestial lily, or prairie pleatleaf iris, in bloom.

Celestial Lily (Prairie Iris; Prairie Pleatleaf; Prairie Celestial)

Nemastylis geminiflora
Celestial lily, in the iris family, blooms only in the morning. Its showy, lavender-blue flowers shine like six-pointed stars on glades and prairies in southern Missouri and the eastern Ozarks.

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