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Image of a blackspotted topminnow

Blackspotted Topminnow

Fundulus olivaceus
This sleek, swift little fish lives in the quiet, clear sections of rivers mostly south of the Missouri River. Topminnows have a habit of skimming along just beneath the surface of the water.

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Image of a blackstripe topminnow

Blackstripe Topminnow

Fundulus notatus
A slender, elongated shape makes for a sleek, swift fish. Topminnows have a habit of skimming along just beneath the surface of the water.

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bleeding shiner

Bleeding Shiner

Luxilus zonatus
Like several other shiners found in clear Ozark streams, male bleeding shiners sport brilliant red during breeding season, especially May and early June. Check your identification by the presence of a dark, crescent bar behind the gill cover, and the dark stripe that abruptly narrows just behind the gill opening.

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Missouri Department of Conservation's Blind Pony Lake Conservation Area Sign

Blind Pony Lake Conservation Area

The Conservation Area plan will be available for public comment from now to Oct. 31.

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Blue Bird Box on A.L. Gustin Golf Course

A.L. Gustin Golf Course of the University of Missouri is the first to become certified by the Audubon Socity for its efforts to establsih and monitor blue bird boxes.

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Hartsburg Access Trash

Boone County resident fined for littering on a conservation area

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Help fight litter through annual No MOre Trash! Bash in April. Details at

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Bow Hunting in Columbia, Missouri

The City of Columbia allows archery hunting on private property via statewide archery regulations.

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MDC's Bowhunter Education Course provides participants the opportunity to become safety-certified.

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Boy Uses Underwater Viewer

A young boy uses a homemade underwater viewer-made out of a coffee can, some tape and plastic wrap-to view fish and other underwater creatures in a creek.

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