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Photo of a male greater prairie-chicken in courtship display

Greater Prairie-Chicken

Tympanuchus cupido
This rare bird breeds in select grasslands in the spring, filling the air with their unusual booming calls. With their numbers dwindling, prairie-chickens need strong conservation support.

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Image of a green frog

Green Frog

Lithobates clamitans (formerly Rana clamitans)
The green frog looks similar to a bullfrog but is smaller and has a ridge of skin along the sides of the back that is not found on bullfrogs. It is a game animal in Missouri.

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Image of a greenside darter fish

Greenside Darter

Etheostoma blennioides
Olive to yellow sides and back with scattered red spots and vertical blotches often arranged in a V or W pattern. Breeding males have bright blue-green on head and lower fins and green vertical bars. Second largest Missouri darter in size next to the logperch.

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Illustration of Grotto and Banded Sculpins.

Grotto and Banded Sculpins

Grotto sculpin (left) are a cave-dwelling type of banded sculpin (right). Biologists may soon determine that grotto sculpin deserve their own scientific name, separate from the "regular" banded sculpin.

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Hartsburg Access Trash

Hartsburg Access Trash

Some of the trash that was illegally dumped at the MDC Hartsburg Access Conservation Area.

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Photo of Harvey's buttercup plant with flowers

Harvey’s Buttercup

Ranunculus harveyi
A slender little buttercup growing in rocky, dry areas with acidic soils, Harvey’s buttercup occurs mostly in southern Missouri. One key to identify it is to examine the basal and stem leaves, which are quite different.

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hellbender, a large brown salamander resting in gravelly streambed


Cryptobranchus alleganiensis
You might think they’re ugly by human standards, but these giant amphibians are a unique part of our wildlife heritage; they direly need help, or they might become extinct within twenty years.

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This photo shows a group of mushroom hunters clustered around a mushroom.

Hen Mania

Excited mushroom hunters clustered a hen-of-the-woods mushroom, taking photos.

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This photograph shows a watermelon-sized mushroom growing at the base of a tree

Hen Mushroom

This photograph shows a watermelon-sized mushroom growing at the base of a tree.

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