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Avoid Outdoor Pests

Image of a tick.
Take precautions against Missouri's worst summertime pests: chiggers, mosquitoes, poison ivy, ticks and yellow jackets. More

Eastern Yellowjacket

Photo of an eastern yellowjacket
The eastern yellowjacket (V. maculifrons) is one of two native Missouri species that occur statewide. Note the wide, anchor-shaped black mark with a narrow stem at the front part of the abdomen, and the lack of free spots on the abdomen. More

Eastern Yellowjacket

Photo of an eastern yellowjacket
Yellowjackets forage for meat, ripe fruit, sweets (including soda), and garbage. Even when they are not near their nests, they can be numerous in picnic areas, around garbage containers, and in orchards. Yellowjacket traps can offer some relief. Sealing garbage well helps, also. Individual yellowjackets—in a car, or on the lip of a soda can—can be gently nudged away with a piece of paper. Never swat a yellowjacket on your body—it could prompt a sting. More

Southern Yellowjacket Nest

Photo of large nest of southern yellowjacket
Yellowjacket nests are made of paper like those of paper wasps, but they have multiple parallel layers of comb (paper wasps always only have a single layer of cells). Yellowjacket nests are enclosed in a wood-pulp paper envelope. This is a large nest of the southern yellowjacket, Vespula squamosa. The nest of this species, along with that of our other statewide native yellowjacket (eastern yellowjacket), are usually built underground. More

Yellowjacket Nest With Workers

Photo of a single layer of a yellowjacket nest showing workers
Like other hymenopterans (ants, bees, and wasps), yellowjackets undergo complete metamorphosis, similar to that of butterflies and flies. Eggs hatch into grublike larvae that scarcely resemble the adults. They eat and grow, then pupate to become winged adults. Each larva and pupa matures within a cell of the wasp nest, tended by the worker adults. More


Photo of an eastern yellowjacket
Most are in the genus Vespula
Yellowjackets are bee-sized social wasps that build paper nests, usually underground. Their defensive stinging makes them a major pest when they nest near people. If you want to eliminate a yellowjacket nest, consult a licensed exterminator. More