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A Bird of a Different Color

In my position as ombudsman, I receive a number of photos from the public of unusual birds. More

A Midwinter Jicker Flicker and a Silly Pileated

photo of a pileated woodpecker on a suet feeder
Being snowed in has its rewards. More

Cavity Creatures

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Many wildlife creatures might call an old snag tree home. More

Downy Woodpecker

Photo of male downy woodpecker clinging to suet feeder
Picoides pubescens
Ornately decorated black-and-white upperparts and white underparts are the first things you’ll notice about a downy woodpecker as it forages on tree bark or visits your suet feeder. More

Male Downy Woodpecker

Photo of a male downy woodpecker on a feeder.
Photo of a male downy woodpecker on a feeder. More

Missouri Woodpeckers

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Seven species of woodpeckers eat insect pests and keep our forest healthy. More

Northern Flicker

Image of a northern flicker
Colaptes auratus
America’s flickers used to be considered three different species, but in the 1980s biologists determined otherwise. Now, our eastern “yellow-shafted” flicker, the “red-shafted” flicker of the west and the “gilded flicker” of the southwest are all considered just “forms” of the same species: the northern flicker. More

Northern Flicker on Suet Feeder

Photo of a male northern flicker on a suet feeder.
Male northern flicker on a suet feeder with snow in background. More

Pileated Woodpecker

Photo of pileated woodpecker head in profile
Photo of pileated woodpecker head in profile. More