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A Weekend of Burning

This time of the year my attention turns to prescribed burning. More

A Work in Progress: Restoring Private Land

With the help of Private Land Conservationist Don Foerster, local landowners develop a management plan for the future after a denuding timber harvest. Although they are now putting their time and hearts into restoring a favorite recreation spot, using best management practices and following a plan will allow a sustainable harvest and healthy forests, and keep Missouri a great place to hunt and fish. More
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Backyard C.S.I.

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There are no culprits or criminals--just a healthy mix of rabbits, deer, turkeys and songbirds. More

Get Into the Forest

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walking on a trail
Even if you don't own woodlands, you can help Missouri's forest resources. More

Houf Open Woodland

Open woodland at Peck Ranch Conservation Area More

Missouri's Savannas and Woodlands

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Scattered, open-grown oaks with large, spreading branches are characteristic savanna trees. Prescribed fire is an essential tool in savanna and woodland management. More

Missouri’s 15 Million Acres of Woods

Missouri has a wealth of woods—15 million acres in fact. There actually are more trees today than there were 50 years ago. More
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Quail Habitat Projects for Turkey Hunters

The past three years have been tough on ground-nesting birds. Wet springs and snowy winters haven't been good for quail, prairie chickens, turkeys, pheasants and grassland birds. More

What Ever Happened to All the Timber Birds?

Our answer is the same as it is for quail in grass and crop areas: not enough bare ground, shrubs and food-producing plants anymore. More

Wildlife Friendly Farmland

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We'll help you improve your land for crops and wild critters. More