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A Winter Fishing Lesson

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Icy trout parks provide practice waters for budding fly fishers. More

Community Conservation

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Programs that support both urban and rural residents. More

Fish Gigging

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If you like numbing cold and sleepless nights, you've got what it takes for fish gigging. More

Hard Water Fishin' - Missouri Style

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Ice fishing is one cool, cold-weather sport. More

Liberty lakes added to winter trout fishing

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Photo of someone netting a trout.
For the first time, winter trout fishing is available at the Fountain Bluff Sports Complex in Liberty. More

Liberty Winter Trout

Photo of someone netting a trout.
Photo of someone netting a trout. More

No Doubting Thomas

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Missouri’s Thomas Hill Reservoir warms up winter days for anglers. More

Rainbows Over St. Louis

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Stocked trout provide winter thrills for chill resistant anglers. More

St. Louis Winter Trout Program

Including rules and regulations, this handy, print-and-carry brochure shows you when and where to find the best winter trout fishing in the St. Louis area. More

Trout Areas

Browse Missouri's red, white, and blue ribbon trout areas. More