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A Roadmap to More Quail

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Good habitat is the key to more quail--if you create it, they will come. More

Black Bear Management Plan

Missouri's black bear management plan provides the guidance and continuity for their conservation and management in our state. More

Bringing Back Quail

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Here's a proven formula: Better habitat equals more quail. More

Bringing Back Wildlife

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Bringing Back Wildlife
MDC is celebrating the 75th anniversary of putting the state’s citizen-led conservation efforts into action. In this issue, we highlight the restoration and conservation of Missouri’s wildlife. More

Calling All Quail!

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Property owners can join together to create landscapes attractive to quail. More

Covey Count Data Sheet

This simple black-and-white data sheet includes instructions and a table to help you conduct and record your October covey counts. More

Creating Quality Quail Habitat

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Those who love these feisty birds do all they can to make them feel welcome. More

Ducks, Groceries, and Water Depth

Learn more about the relationship between ducks, food supply, and water depth with this downloadable article. More

Endangered Reptile and Amphibian Management Sheets

Browse and download best practices for managing your Missouri property for several kinds of endangered reptiles and amphibians, including Blanding's turtle, eastern massasauga rattlesnake, hellbenders, Illinois chorus frog, Illinois mud turtle, western chicken turtle, and western fox snake. More

Evolution of Deer Management

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Buck taken in 1948
Balancing populations for healthy herds, good hunting and citizen safety requires looking back, looking forward and staying flexible. More