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Armadillo Damage Control

A video of helpful tips on trapping nuisance armadillos. More

But I Don't Want It Under My House...

Opossum in snow
Missourians enjoy spending time outdoors watching wildlife, they just don’t want to share their homes with it! One-way doors may provide a humane solution to evicting animals from under your home. More

But I Don't Want It Under My Porch...

Black Bear at Birdfeeder
Wildlife can be fascinating to observe, but when nature gets a little too close, you have to think like a critter to solve the problem. More

Damage Control

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Department biologists specialize in identifying and managing nuisance wildlife. More

Deer Gardening

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Can gardeners and white-tailed deer coexist? More

Gardens and Wildlife

Learn protect your Missouri home garden from unwanted pests. More

Groundhog Damage Control

Get helpful tips about groundhog damage control with this video. More

Keeping Wildlife Outside Your House

It’s that time of year when the nights cool down and the mice, skunks, and squirrels are looking for a cozy winter home. More

Muskrat Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control muskrat damage in your Missouri pond or wetland. More

Raccoon and Opossum Damage Control

This video provides helpful tips about raccoon and opossum damage control. More