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Prairie Grass Pink

image of Prairie grass pink
Image of Prairie grass pink. More

Prairie Iris

Photo of a Prairie Iris
Photo of a Prairie Iris. More

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower
Purple coneflower, a Missouri native. More

Purple Loosestrife

Photo of purple loosestrife flowering stalks showing purple flowers
Don’t be fooled by the pretty flowers—this plant is a disaster for the environment. Purple loosestrife invades wet habitats, such as freshwater marshes, fens, sedge meadows, and wet prairies, but also roadside ditches, on river- and stream banks and the edges of lakes and reservoirs. More

Purple Loosestrife (Colony)

Photo of purple loosestrife colony invading a shoreline
Anyone who’s seen what purple loosestrife has done to New England and the Northeast can tell you how invasive this plant is. Learn how to identify it, so you can report any findings to the Missouri Department of Conservation. More


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"Reflections" for the August 1997 Missouri Conservationist. More

Rough Blazing Star

photo of rough blazing star
Photo of rough blazing star. More


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This genus of giants contains plants with legendary qualities. More