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Glade Coneflowers

Glade Coneflowers
Image of Glade Coneflowers. More

Goldenrod (Species Unidentified)

Photo of unidentified goldenrod plant with flowers
Goldenrod flowers are in golden clusters spiraling or alternating along the upper portion of stems or branching near the top into smaller, flower-bearing branchlets. Each yellow (rarely white) “flower” is actually a tiny composite of flowers, structurally similar to a daisy or sunflower. More


Photo of tall goldenrod plant with flowers
Solidago species (over 20 species in Missouri)
There are more than 20 species of goldenrods in Missouri. Sometimes they’re a little hard to “identify to species.” As a group, however, the goldenrods are common and nearly unmistakable. More

Gray-Headed Coneflower

Image of Gray-Headed Coneflower.
Image of Gray-Headed Coneflower. More

Houf Glade Wildflowers

Houf Glade Wildflowers
Purple coneflower and Missouri evening primrose. More

Large Whorled Pagonia

large whorled pagonia
Image of Large Whorled pagonia. More

Late Coral Root

late coral root
Image of Late Coral Root. More


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"Letters" for the January 2011 Missouri Conservationist. More


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"Letters" for the December 2011 Missouri Conservationist. More

Lily Twablade

Lily twablade
Image of Lily twablade. More