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Northern Fog Fruit

Photo of northern fog fruit flowering head
Lippia lanceolata (formerly Phyla lanceolata)
Common in almost any kind of moist, wet or muddy habitat, fog fruit bears interesting round, purple flower heads that are ringed by small, white or pinkish flowers. More

Note To Our Readers

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Wetlands are dynamic, complex ecosystems that benefit both people and wildlife, and they serve as a cornerstone for Missouri citizens’ progressive and proactive conservation philosophy. More

Oh Island, Where Art Thou?

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11-2010 Conservationist 21
One family's saga captures the ebb and flow of Missouri's historic wetlands. More

Partnerships Put Conservation on the Ground

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New additions to B.K. Leach Memorial Conservation Area benefit the public, wildlife and partners alike. More

Spoonie Sighting!

photo of spoonbill wading
That’s right, we’ve had a spoonbill sighting at Duck Creek. Now if you’re a duck hunter, you might wonder why I am making a big fuss about a Northern Shoveler. We get those all the time. If you’re a fisherman, you might think I’m referring to a paddlefish, which would be kind of cool to find at the end of your line in Pool 1, extremely unlikely, but cool if it happened. Well, I’m not referring to either one of these species. More

The Missouri Wetland Bundle

Do you enjoy the constant satellite TV, cable and phone companies trying to get you to switch services for the better deal? More

The Wetlands of Missouri

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Wildlife and plants abound on the state's nine different kinds of wetlands. More

Too Much of a Good Thing

Photo of lotus in pool at Duck Creek CA
Pool 1 and the plants that call it home are definitely a challenge to manage and fish through. However, this very habitat is why folks have filled their coolers with fish over the last 60 years. More

We are not alone

A lot of species travel considerable distances. This winter Mallards and Mountain Lions have been in the spotlight. As temperatures warm up other critters will also be moving around to take advantage of wetland habitats. More