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photo of moist soil plants at Duck Creek CA

Moist-Soil Plants

After the widespread flooding earlier this spring, wetland vegetation has germinated from the moist soil conditions in Unit A. There has been considerable growth and production over the last two months.

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Photo of mowing wetland vegetation at Duck Creek CA

Mowing Wetland Vegetation

Before the renovation work at Duck Creek begins in Unit A and B, the vegetation must be mowed and disked.

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Mulching of dry scour

Mulch Added to Dry Scour

By scouring away the dirt to create levees the top soil has been removed. Baled wetland vegetation from the previous fall is added to replace some of the organic matter and to help kick start the bugs once the area is reflooded.

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Preseason Wetland Area Status

Browse Missouri's managed wetland areas and waterfowl hunting opportunities. Updated August and October.

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Photo of where the levee and adjacent borrow pits have been leveled,

Removing Cross Levees and Adjacent Borrows

Some of the existing cross levees cut across the contours in Units A and B. The result is that flooded conditions cannot be optimized. Water depths are too deep in certain locations and other spots are left high and dry. Laying out levees along the natural contours allows us to provide more shallow water habitat across a wider area. The southern levee of H Pool is one location where we are doing this kind of work. In this photo, the levee and adjacent borrow pits have been leveled.

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meander shows sediment deposits

Restored Stream Bend

Over the last few months, water has been reshaping both sides of the stream bend, carving away sediment from the cut bank, or outside bend, and depositing it on the inside bend to develop a point bar.

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creative scours restore wetland sloughs at Duck Creek CA

Slough Restoration

Historically, southeast Missouri was known for its low, wet areas. Sloughs criss-crossed and faded in and out of the landscape. When the fall rains came, the sloughs flooded up, and the water spread out onto surrounding land. Some of the sloughs we're creating in Duck Creek Units A and B will work similarly. They will be low, wet areas in the spring and summer, allowing the pools to be flooded up in the fall for waterfowl season.

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This Old House

If you’re like me, over the year you’ve tinkered on a couple home-improvement projects or have done some repair work to keep things in working order. In a way, you can think about the Duck Creek renovation as refurbishing an old house. I think this analogy works well for Duck Creek, and I’m going to see how far I can take it.

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A healthy northwest Missouri wetland in the growing season.

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Wetland Improvements

Browse tables and tons of management info on how to improve your Missouri marshes for waterfowl and other aquatic life.

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