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Fair Weather Fowl

photo of a wood duck
The mild temperatures, blossoming maples and rash of tornadoes have made it feel like spring is already here. At Duck Creek and Mingo, dabbling ducks have been passing through as part of their spring migration. More

Family Hang-ups and Hardwoods


Family Hang-ups and Hardwoods

Article about family hang-ups and hardwoods. More

Federal Waterfowl Regulations Summary

In addition to state regulations, federal rules apply to the hunting of migratory game birds in Missouri. When state law is different from federal law, hunters must follow the more restrictive law. More

Female Wood Duck and Chicks

A female wood duck and her ducklings rest on the shore in the St. Louis area. More

Flash In The Pin

Closeup view of green pin oak leaves
In the last month we collected data in the timber at Duck Creek, Mingo and a few of our other forested conservation areas in Southeast Missouri. While I was out there, I saw something that caught my eye. More

Get Your Goose!

If you’re outside and happen to hear a very distant cry way, way up in the sky, you may catch of glimpse of high-flying snow geese now making their way north. More

Hooded Merganser

Photograph of a male Hooded Merganser swimming
Lophodytes cucullatus
Hooded mergansers have crests that trail behind the head or can be raised to create a circular shape. Their bills are narrow and serrated. Males are black and white with chestnut flanks; females are brown. More

Hooded Merganser (Female Swimming with Chicks)

Photograph of a female Hooded Merganser swimming with chicks
The hooded merganser is a regular breeder in our state, and a cavity nester. The downy chicks leap from the nest to the forest floor the day after hatching. More