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Ditch System

A downloadable collection of ditch system maps. More

Don't Shoot a Swan

Trumpeter swans are not legal game, so make sure of your target before firing at large white birds. More

Double-Crested Cormorant

Photograph of two Double-Crested Cormorants perched on log above water
Phalacrocorax auritus
Cormorants are dark, ducklike water birds with long necks, hooked bills, legs set far back on the body, and a habit of hanging their wings out to dry in the sun. More

Double-Crested Cormorant in Flight

Photograph of a Double-crested Cormorant in flight
Cormorants can be confused with anhingas when soaring. In flight, cormorants have a shorter, more rounded tail. Their necks are less “snaky” than those of anhingas. More

Double-Crested Cormorant Sitting with Wings Outstretched

Photograph of a Double-Crested Cormorant sitting with wings outstretched
To decrease buoyancy while swimming underwater, cormorants’ feathers have few of the oils that repel water. They become soaked as they swim. This is why cormorants typically stand with wings outstretched: They are allowing their feathers to dry. More

Double-Crested Cormorant Swimming Low on the Water

Photograph of a Double-Crested Cormorant swimming low on the water
Cormorants dive underwater for fish, surfacing on occasion but remaining submerged except for the neck and head. When swimming at the water's surface, their bodies are usually very low in the water. More

Double-Crested Cormorants

Photograph of two Double-crested Cormorants showing head coloration
Adult double-crested cormorants are black with an orange skin pouch below a long, hook-tipped bill. The irises of the eyes are green. More

Double-Crested Cormorants (Perched)

Photograph of two Double-Crested Cormorants perched on log above water
Double-crested cormorants are frequently observed in large numbers sitting upright on snags over water, sometimes with wings outstretched. More

Drainage Ditch

Downloadable diagrams of Duck Creek CA drainage ditches over the past several decades. More

Drawn to Wetlands

What comes to mind when you think of a wetland? MDC Wetland Ecologist Frank Nelson describes how plant and animal species distribute themselves within a typical bottomland swamp. More