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Quick Draw Success Rates

What are the odds of winning a Quick Draw reservation at Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, or Otter Slough? Browse success rates for the last four seasons.

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Flooded slough with vegetation

Quick Hits

Similar to the recent NFL preseason, over the last few weeks at Duck Creek we’ve been disappointed by the lack of development in some situations, but pleasantly surprised by the glimmer of potential in others. Here are some quick hits of what’s going on...

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Duck Hunting

Rain the missing element for memorable waterfowl hunting season

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Without more water, ducks and hunters could be left high and dry.

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Reminder: Zone Boundary and Season Dates Meeting

Just a reminder that tonight is the Dexter meeting and tomorrow is the Kennett meeting for the duck season dates and zone boundaries. We take a look at these every five years.

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Photo of fish salvage focus area map

Short-Term Fishing Opportunity, Long-Term Waterfowl-Hunting Opportunity

We are having a fish salvage between now and Aug. 15 at the five fish ponds on the east side of Duck Creek, approximately 0.7 mile south of the main Duck Creek entrance along Highway 51. These ponds will be drained shortly, and we would like to maximize the public use of this resource.

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Ungainly Aviators

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Hunting for rails takes place when the heat of summer is still on the marsh.

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Unit A&B Hunt Units

pdf (1.3 MB)
Duck Creek CA units A and B waterfowl hunting positions

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Upper Mississippi Waterfowl Blind Map

Waterfowl hunters, use this map to find permanent and temporary or boat blinds in the Upper Mississippi Conservation Area pools.

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photo of American woodcock

Utility Birds

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Pursuing elusive woodcock, snipe and rail tunes you up for the fall hunting season.

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