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August 2011 Progress Report: Units A and B Renovation

Photo of dirt pan construction at Duck Creek CA.
Conditions were extremely dry at the end of July when the dirt work began in Units A and B. It was great to get things moving forward. Over the last few weeks the isolated thunderstorms have knocked the dust back down and allowed for the soil to pick up some much needed moisture. More

Back Cover

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The sun rises on another teal season September 10th. More

Bob Brown CA 2014 Waterfowl Hunting Outlook

Wetland conditions in this Northwest Missouri area look pretty good this year. We have had ample rain and the crops in the pools look good. More

Chicken Little was Right

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Free-falling objects - including dead Canada geese - accelerate due to gravity at 32 feet per second squared. More

Conservation Commission sets waterfowl seasons

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Duck Hunting
Season structure remains unchanged and bag limits are nearly the same as last year. More

Delay in flooding Pool 8

If you’ve being keeping up with the blog, we’ve mentioned flooding Pool 8 in November a couple of times. The decision to flood has been delayed, and we wanted to pass this along to keep you informed. More

Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Reservation

Hunters with physical limitations can reserve a disabled-accessible blind on selected areas. Browse requirements and reservation procedures for both waterfowl reservations and Quick Draw. More

Duck Creek Waterfowl Hunting Outlook 2011-2012

It is getting close to fall, and folks are looking forward to waterfowl season. Here is Duck Creek’s outlook for the 2011-2012 season based on the current rate of construction and water levels in Pool 1. More