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2008 Missouri Waterfowl-Hunting Forecast

It looks like the dramatic flooding this past year will impact Missouri waterfowl hunting opportunities in a variety of ways. More

2009 Mast Crop Survey

2009 Mast Crop survey for Duck Creek CA. More

2011 Duck Creek Waterfowl Wrap-Up

Well, another waterfowl season has come to a close. Once again, this year was different from the last. More

2011 Hunter Workshop Documents

This 92-page document supported the hunter workshops held in 2011 to determine duck season dates and zoning boundaries for 2011-2015. More

2011 Wrap-up and Units A and B Update

Graph that shows rainfall in Dexter, Mo. the fall of 2011
As waterfowl season comes to a close I hope you were able to make some pleasurable memories at Duck Creek this fall. Here is a little re-cap of this fall and what we expect to happen in the next year. More

2012 Duck Creek Waterfowl Season Wrap-Up

Ducks in a pond
Each year is different and this one is definitely followed suit. The record drought restricted the amount of options migratory waterfowl could use as stopover habitat during their southward migration over the Mississippi Flyway. More

2013 Virtual Tour of the Duck Creek Renovation

Unit A Prior to Waterfowl Opener
Would you like to take a virtual tour of Duck Creek? Follow the link and see for yourself. More

A Different Duck

Gadwall on the Wing
I have a confession to make. I may be a different duck. During a crisp fall morning in the marsh, I get a kick out of... More

A Different Duck, Indeed

A Different Harvest
This weekend a hunter harvested a bird that is quite foreign to our neck of the woods... More

American White Pelican

Photograph of American White Pelican in flight
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos
Graceful in flight, ungainly on land, and elegant on the water, the American white pelican is one of the largest birds in Missouri. More