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photo shows debarked limg revealing thousand cankers disease

TCD Cankers

This scraped limb reveals walnut twig beetle tunnels and cankers under the bark.

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Updated in March 2014, this two-color, illustrated publication answers frequently asked questions about thousand cankers disease, which has not yet been found in Missouri.

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This two-page, full-color brochure helps you identify thousand cankers disease of black walnuts and stop its spread.  

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Photo of tiny walnut twig beetle on face of dime

Tiny Twig Beetle

Photo of tiny walnut twig beetle on face of dime.

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Venison Loin Roast

For an elegant venison entrée, try this mouth-watering loin roast coated with walnuts or pecans.

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Walnut Twig Beetles

Tiny walnut twig beetles tunnel in the center of the cankers.

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