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Declining Black Walnut Tree

Photo shows declining black walnut tree
Black walnut trees in Missouri can display die-back for many other reasons besides TCD. More

Don't Accidentally Spread TCD

Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles.
Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles. More

Exposing Thousand Cankers Disease

Photo of scientist using a drawknife to expose thousand cankers disease
Lightly scraping away the bark exposes TCD cankers underneath. More

Freeze-Damaged Black Walnut

Walnut tree damaged by a freeze. More

Fusarium Cankers

Photo shows fusarium cankers
Fusarium cankers are elongated, larger than TCD cankers, and often visible without removing the bark. More

Missouri Tops in These Things from Trees

With all the talk about development of new technologies and tech businesses floating around, here’s a down-to-earth reminder that Missouri still has strong roots in the land. More

TCD Cankers

photo shows debarked limg revealing thousand cankers disease
This scraped limb reveals walnut twig beetle tunnels and cankers under the bark. More