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Grilled Venison Kabobs

Venison tastes great, but it's even better portable. Make your meat mouth-watering and mobile with these grilled venison kabobs. More

Happy Camper Venison

You harvested your venison in the wild, why not cook it in the wild? Or at least outdoors. Try this recipe on the grill or over hot coals. More

Hot Jerky

Spice it up with this recipe for hot jerky! More

Killer Calzone

Try this cross between a pizza and a pie stuffed with venison! More


Marinating venison enhances the flavor, moisturizes and helps tenderize the meat. Here are a few basic marinades for use with grilling (steaks or kabobs), stir-frying, broiling and baking. More


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"Miscellany" for the December 2010 Missouri Conservationist. More

Mushroom and Venison Stew

Even strong or tough venison can make a tasty meal. Try it in this savory stew. More

News and Almanac

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"News and Almanac" for the November 1997 Missouri Conservationist. More

Philly Steak Sandwiches

Use venison instead of beef to make a wilder version of this old favorite. More

Polka-Dotted Venison?!

This photo shows a cut of venison with dark red spots on the surface.
Is this meat safe to eat? Yes. More