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Missouri Urban Trees Booklet

This full-color, 60-page booklet in helps you choose the best trees for your growing situations, plant them in the right places and care for them over time. It includes lists of species for Missouri, including alternatives to ash trees, which are vulnerable to the emerald ash borer. More

Purchasing Trees Guide

Print and carry this two-page guide when you start shopping for new Missouri landscape trees. More

Red Maple

red maple
Acer rubrum
Red maple is one of our most useful—and beautiful!—native trees, and you can find it in the woods as well as in landscape plantings statewide. Many horticultural varieties are available at nurseries. More

Summer Tree-Care Tips

Learn how to keep your trees healthy, especially in Missouri's dryer summer months. More

Thornless Honey Locust

 thornless honey locust
A plant cultivated for landscaping use, thornless honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis) is a very popular street tree. It stays rather small, lacks thorns, and in autumn turns nicely golden; later, its small leaflets don't require raking. More


tree of heaven
Ailanthus altissima
Tree-of-Heaven is a fast-growing exotic that has become common in urban areas. It is weedy and aggressive and should not be planted. Recognize it by its 2-foot-long feather-compound leaves and the unpleasant scent of the twigs when you break them. More

Troubled Trees

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Oak tree
Diagnosing and managing urban tree stress More