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Backyard Tree Care

From tree selection and planting to pruning guidelines, this section covers everything you need to know to take care of your backyard trees. More

Building Around Trees

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A little care in construction lets you keep the woodsy look. More

Committed to Community Trees

St. Louis Urban Trees
Surveys show that Missourians support urban forestry initiatives. More

Communities of Trees

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Branch Out Missouri helps keep our cities green. More

Constructing with Care

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Save the beauty and investment in your property by managing your building area to protect trees. More

Don't Top Your Tree

When a tree is in the wrong place, removing it completely is the best option. This brief, illustrated brochure shows how topped trees and lead to danger and property damage. More

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri

Lake Memorial Park
This small nonprofit brings the big benefits of trees to communities across our state. More

Grant Helps Missouri Community Trees

With all the storms and damage to trees in the past two years, many Missouri towns and cities face unusually big challenges when it comes to keeping their trees alive and thriving. More

Greener Communities

Missouri towns, counties, and builders can find information, technical support, funding opportunities, and recognition programs for best fire protection, tree and urban forest management, stormwater management, and construction practices. More