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A Pheasant Hunting Fraternity

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Hunting thrills and warm friendships hold this club together. More

Dove Opener Next Wednesday

Tips for dove season opener on Sept. 1. More

Effective Wingshooting Workshops

Duck Hunting
Improve your shotgunning skills, deepen your commitment to conservation, and reduce hunting expenses. Sign up to attend a free workshop. More

Emergency closure of hunting season not the end of Missouri's ruffed grouse story

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The Conservation Department and the Ruffed Grouse Society are still working to establish sustainable numbers of grouse and habitat to support them. More

Federal Waterfowl Regulations Summary

In addition to state regulations, federal rules apply to the hunting of migratory game birds in Missouri. When state law is different from federal law, hunters must follow the more restrictive law. More

How to Hunt Quail

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Hunting is still good, if you can find prime quail habitat. More

Hunting For, and From, Memories

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A hunter's most enjoyable tools are hunts from long ago. More

Nontoxic Shot Only Rule

Twenty-one Missouri conservation areas have a nontoxic-shot-only regulation for all hunting with a shotgun. Learn which areas carry this rule. More

Quail Hunting Fixes

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Is it your gun? Is it your dog? Is it you? Pin down your quail-hunting problems and deliver the shot to more birds. More

Upland Game Bird Hunting

Whether your quarry is dove, pheasant, quail or other upland game bird, you'll find info on permits, techniques and prime hunting spots here. More