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Turn Wild Turkey Into Terrific Table Fare

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Don't let any part of your gobbler go to waste. More

Wake-Up Call

Turkey Display
I'm considering roosting on the deck until April 18. More

Warm weather could boost turkey hunters’ long-term prospects

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Wild Turkeys
Improved reproduction last year, plentiful acorns and a mild winter all favor a rebound of turkey numbers. More

Wild Jerky

Use venison, wild turkey or wild goose in this versatile recipe for jerky. More

Wild Turkey

Photo of male wild turkey walking in mowed grass
Meleagris gallopavo
The large size, iridescent bronze plumage (which can look merely dark at a distance), and naked blue and red head distinguish this ground-dwelling bird from others in our state. More

Wild Turkey (Displaying Males)

Photo of two male wild turkeys displaying
In spring, male turkeys (“toms”) begin gobbling to announce themselves to males and to attract females. Males perform elaborate strutting displays for females, spreading their tails like a peacock and puffing out their feathers. More

Wild Turkey Fajitas

Learn how to make this festive crowd-pleaser using wild turkey tenderloins and mushrooms More

Wild Turkey Female

Photo of female wild turkey walking in winter woods
In the 1950s, wild turkey populations in the state were at an all-time low of fewer than 2,500 birds in 31 counties; in 2004, hunters checked nearly 61,000 turkeys. Successful management focuses on proper seasonal combinations of food, cover, and water. More