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Turkey Hunting

Browse this section for turkey-hunting information, including choosing a place to hunt, turkey-hunting equipment, ethics and safety and more. More

Turkey hunting clinic open to youths ages 9 through 15

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Up to 40 youths can register for the free event March 24. More

Turkey Life Cycle

View the Turkey Life Cycle Timetable. More

Turkey Main Dishes

Tired of roast turkey? Liven up your family's menu with these main dish recipes! More

Turkey Mathematics

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Missouri’s turkey population has achieved its golden mean. More

Turkey on the Grill

The next time you hold a barbecue, serve up something different with one of these wild turkey recipes! More

Turkey Recipes

As you decide how to prepare the wild turkey, keep in mind whether your turkey is an older, tougher bird or a younger, more tender bird. More

Turkey Regulations

Browse Missouri's spring and fall turkey-hunting regulations, including how how to use Telecheck, tagging procedures, and the current summaries booklets. More

Turkey Roasting

There's more than one way to roast a turkey - use these recipes to learn how. More