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Trout Stuffed With Crabmeat

Try this recipe for crispy golden trout stuffed with crabmeat and perfumed with oregano. More


Image of a trout-perch
Percopsis omiscomaycus
This peculiar little fish is our only fish with both an adipose fin and rough-edged scales, characteristics of trout and perch, respectively—thus the name "trout-perch." This fish represents a family that was formerly much larger but that is now mostly extinct. Only two species of trout-perches are known to live worldwide—and ours is declining. More

Uncle Dean's Trout

Try this recipe the next time you hold a barbecue. More

Winter rainbow trout fishing at Jackson’s Rotary Lake starts Nov. 1

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1,900 trout and a number of ‘lunkers’ will be stocked in Jackson’s Rotary Lake prior to the opener. More

Winter trout fishing begins at three Kansas City area locations

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rainbow trout
A green and silver fish splashed with crimson is back in Kansas City for the winter. Rainbow trout were recently stocked at some area lakes to offer the public additional winter fishing opportunities. More

Winter trout fishing nears at KC metro lakes

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The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) annual winter trout fishing program for selected Kansas-City-area lakes is almost here, with some new opportunities for anglers. More