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St. Louis Winter Trout Program

Including rules and regulations, this handy, print-and-carry brochure shows you when and where to find the best winter trout fishing in the St. Louis area. More

Targeting Trophy Trout

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WARNING: The following article contains graphic descriptions of actual trout fishing. The fish are big; the action is intense. Most of the trout are caught on live bait. Those prone to fainting should sit down before reading further. Fly fishermen should turn to the next article immediately. More

The Lure of Missouri Trout

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Hundreds of miles of trout water cater to anglers of all types. More

The Rainbows of Crane Creek

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It's been over 100 years since the first shipment of McCloud River rainbow trout eggs arrived in Missouri from California. One of the places those first fish were released was southwest Missouri's Crane Creek. Largely overlooked as the years passed, descendants of the McCloud rainbows still swim in the chilly waters of the little creek that threads its way through dairy country. More

The Saga of Lake Taneycomo

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Rainbows are the pot o' gold in Missouri's best-known fishery. More

Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing
Want to catch more Missouri trout? Change your methods as the seasons and local conditions change. This page tells you how. More

Trout Fishing Area Permit

Application to maintain and operate a licensed trout fishing area and to stock legally acquired trout. More

Trout harvest begins Feb. 1 at Rotary Lake

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rainbow trout
The limit is four trout and any lure or bait is allowed. More