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Image of a corkwood


Leitneria floridana
This rare and unusual small tree doesn’t have a problem with having its feet wet for long periods of time, but it grows rarer as its swampy habitat is converted to cropland.

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Image of cottonwood leaf


Populus deltoides
Named for the cottony fluffs of hairs attached to its tiny seeds, cottonwood thrives in moist lowlands near streams and rivers. It is Missouri’s fastest-growing native tree but pays for that distinction by being relatively short-lived.

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cucumber magnolia tree

Cucumber Magnolia

Magnolia acuminata
Also called the cucumbertree magnolia, this is an impressive, large, broad-spreading shade tree native to southern Missouri. It is often cultivated in the eastern United States because, compared to more southern magnolias, it is relatively cold-hardy.

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Photo shows declining black walnut tree

Declining Black Walnut Tree

Black walnut trees in Missouri can display die-back for many other reasons besides TCD.

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Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles.

Don't Accidentally Spread TCD

Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles.

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downy serviceberry

Downy Serviceberry (Serviceberry)

Amelanchier arborea
This tall shrub or small tree is found throughout most of Missouri in open or rocky woods. The showy white flowers are among the first of the early spring trees and shrubs to bloom. The striking flowers, the purplish, often sweet berries and the brilliant fall color make serviceberry an attractive landscaping tree.

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Dwarf Chestnut Oak

Quercus prinoides
Although only 3–10 feet tall, and the shortest of Missouri's oaks, this shrub or small tree can nevertheless produce abundant acorns that are relished by several types of birds and mammals.

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eastern redcedar tree

Eastern Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana
By far the most common native conifer in the state, eastern red cedar is useful for its aromatic, red wood and beloved for its greenery, its resinous blue “berries” and the spicy odor it lends the out-of-doors.

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Photo of eastern redbud blossoms

Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis
Eastern redbud is a native shrub or small tree that is distinctly ornamental in spring with small, clustered, rose-purple flowers covering the bare branches before the leaves.

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